Media Relations

In classical PR, the distribution of information is regarded as an obligation towards journalists, as opposed to an obligation of journalists to actively search for news about your organisation or company. Even if journalists today are able to access the Internet to look up all kinds of information, daily routine in the editorial departments of specialist media is different – both for print and online media teams.

We provide journalists who write for those media relevant to our customers with the appropriate information, directly and individually, in Germany and/or internationally. This approach increases the chances for the publication of your articles, editorials and press information in the editorial parts of the respective key media enormously. In this way we increase the visibility of your organisation within your core target groups – which is tremendously valuable for the image and the credibility of a company!

Objectives of media relations:
· Establish solid relationships with opinion-makers and multipliers
· Establish company/organisation as a reliable communication partner
· Increase awareness for your company or organisation by frequent publicity in the relevant media

Press information, editorials, articles, papers:
In cooperation with our customers we provide well-researched articles and press information tailored to the requirements of the respective media, with a focus on informational value and readability.

Distribution of information directly to the relevant media:
Our comprehensive distribution lists contain the contact details of the respective journalists as well as specifications such as main subjects and media. In order to keep the lists up-to-date, we frequently monitor the German as well as the international media landscapes.

Drafting of specialist articles and placement of articles in the relevant trade media:
Knowing in advance which focus topics will come up when in which media is one of the strengths of mediaconnect. We make sure that your information reaches the magazines in time for this issue and, if requiered, arrange contacts between journalists and representatives of your company or organization.