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In times of social media and faked news …
… sound media relations are crucial for credibility

mediaconnect supports companies and organizations in the art and science of approaching their key audiences. In short: We make sure that your news and messages will reach their intended target groups.

Since the founding of mediaconnect almost 20 years ago, the communication landscape has been thoroughly and visibly transformed: In the place of dense grey newsprint, today colorful pictures compete for our attention. Digital media have changed the way we perceive and deal with media content. There’s no question that communication needs to take this into account.

In times of an inflation of faked news however, a creditable communication strategy is more important than ever. BtoB companies in particular are well advised not to chase every new trend. Because it’s not quantity that counts, but quality!

In order to obtain credible communication, we focus on a continuous, target group-specific penetration of relevant media, and on the cooperation with journalists. This includes above all the numerous specialised trade media in their print and online versions, which still belong to the preferred information source for experts and decision-makers in the BtoB area. Incidentally, these reputable independent sources usually come out at the top of search engine rankings.

Without a doubt, internet and social media are important tools in order to reach users and customers. Also as a sales channel, the internet has long been indispensable for many companies. And of course the image of a company or organisation should be reflected by their website. Used in this way, digital media complement the communicative means of classical PR and media relations perfectly.